"Every child is a gift that brings out the best in all of us."

Deborah Smith-Pressley, Chief Executive Office / Founder

GPARC Programs

Social Skills Group (S.A.S.S.Y) Successful Advocacy and Social Skills for Youth Program

Social skills are taught through inclusion of typical teens and teens who have autism in the performing arts. Students learn appropriate behavior, decision making skills and how to navigate in and outside of their community. Recreational activities are incorporated as a major component of the program.

Advocacy Services

Advocacy services are provided on an as-need basis following an in depth interview with parents and referral to appropriate advocate.


Students who participate in the Boston Health Commission peer mentor program are trained to work with students with special needs from the GPARC program.

Economic and Educational Consulting Services

Families in need of additional services such as home services, fuel assistance, or insurance are referred to local agencies for services. Parents and guardians who are interested in pursuing or completing college courses are referred to appropriate local college and university programs.

Mental Health Care Advocacy Services

 Individuals receive social skills training in learning how to cope with stress and anger and grief. Referrals are also made to clinicians and health care advocates.

Family Support Groups

Family Support Groups are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Participants are provided with tools to assist them in solving problems and bringing about positive results.

Medical Directory

The medical directory is composed of medical professionals and therapist who have expertise in working with children and young adults with autism. Members of GPARC pay a fee of $10.00 and non-members pay $15.00.

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Parent Leadership Training Sessions

Specialists are invited to present training sessions on several topics pertinent to identified needs of family members. Parents receive specific training on topics such as how to create a vision for your child, guardianship and career development.

Public Awareness

Public awareness is created through conversation, media outlets, public service announcements, handouts and events.

Resource Library

Members may check out books of interest from our library. Children and young adults also have access to these materials.
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